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Travel Health & Vaccinations

There are many things to consider when booking that long awaited time away. Where to stay, what to see and do, how many pairs of shoes will you pack?

But at gpbondi we can help you sort through your itinerary and explain the risks, how to minimise them and stay healthy.

Certain destinations carry special risks, so where are you heading?

  • Africa
  • India
  • South East Asia
  • South America

When coming for a travel medicine consultation, please bring with you, your full itinerary and a list of any previous vaccinations (including those given in childhood if possible).  We also recommend that you organise the consultation 6-8 weeks prior to departure but know that travel is often at short notice or vaccines are forgotten about - come and see us anyway as we will be able to advise you on what steps to take to have a safe and healthy trip.

Travel Health and Safety

Some important things to consider before booking your time away.



Is where I’m going safe right now? What are the common illnesses in travellers there, how easy is it to get medical attention?


Your Personal Health

Making sure your own health is managed before heading overseas makes a big difference, is your asthma and eczema well controlled? Any niggling muscle and joint problems? Sore tooth you haven’t got around to treating?


Immunisation status

If you’re a frequent traveller you may have had some vaccinations along the way, but do you know which ones and how long ago? The most important vaccinations are for the commonest illnesses and the most significant. Influenza vaccination is highly recommended and should be yearly 2016 was a bad year, but 2017 was about four times worse.

Typhoid only lasts for three years, and hepatitis A immunisation offers lifelong immunity if you’ve received a full course (most people have 1 injection and forget about the follow up).

If you were born in a country that doesn’t have hepatitis B immunisation, it’s important to be caught up. Please visit our pages on all available vaccinations and when it’s important to consider them.


Level of Activity

For some, the ideal holiday is going on a food tour through Europe, for others it’s trekking to Everest Base Camp. We’re a diverse lot and it’s important we talk about risks for each of our destinations whether it’s altitude sickness, diving injuries, coral cuts or dog bites (from the casual morning jog before a business meeting in Jakarta) it’s important to understand how to minimise these risks.


Medical kit

Do you have what you need in the event of a minor illness or injury? We can help you prepare an individualised medical kit including appropriate antibiotics for travellers’ diarrhoea, acute respiratory illnesses, cuts and abrasions, and your regular medications. Some countries need documentation of medications for entry, and others prohibit certain medications altogether. We can help prepare the necessary documentation.


Travel insurance

Possibly the most important of all is to have appropriate insurance for your personal needs. Does it cover skiing and snow or specifically prohibit it? How about Scuba diving without an official open water certification? Make sure you know before you go.

Print out our travel checklist  to see what you might have forgotten while packing.

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