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South East Asia

The most popular destination for Australian tourists. We almost made Bali another Australian state! Although you’ll run into many compatriots, it doesn’t minimise the health risks so check the tabs below for useful information and make a booking with your doctor at GSH to receive customised advice specific for your trip.

Infectious diseases present include

  • Typhoid, of highest risk to travellers compared to anywhere else in the world
  • Japanese Encephalitis, Vaccination is recommended if visiting rural areas, or staying >1month – however check for up to date information, a recent case report of transmission in a Bali resort was reported in an Australian traveller
  • Rabies, Transmitted by animal bites. Children, those with significant outdoor exposure %/or visiting rural areas are at greatest risk
  • Malaria risk depends on region and the time of year – your doctor can advise appropriate protection
  • Hepatitis A widespread risk throughout South East Asia
  • Hepatitis B transmitted by bodily fluid through activities such as unprotected sex and non-sterilised tattoo equipment
  • Tetanus


  • Food: Boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it
  • Water: Bottled, boiled or chemically treated
  • Animals: Look, but don’t touch. Many mammals can transmit condition, but dogs carry the highest rabies risk
  • Medical services: Hospitals often require confirmation of medical insurance or upfront payment prior to providing any services, including emergency care

Be aware of

  • Driving standards and vehicle maintenance may be lower than expected
  • Tough drug laws. In some countries, possession is punishable by death
  • Cultural sensitivity: Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim cultures may be conservative
  • Political turmoil: Can arise unexpectedly. Register your trip with smarttraveller
  • Drink spiking: Never leave drinks unattended