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South America

Copacabana, the Andes, the Galapagos and Machu Pichu. An amazing continent with the largest rainforests, rivers, magnificent mountain ranges and history. You can’t get much further away from home, so to minimise the health risks so check the tabs below for useful information and make a booking with your doctor at GSH to receive customised advice specific for your trip.

Infectious diseases present include

  • Yellow fever is endemic in 13 South American countries. You’ll need evidence of Yellow Fever immunisation to be allowed into some of these, but also to get back into Australia.
  • Typhoid, common across much of the continent
  • Hepatitis A one of the most common vaccine-preventable diseases acquired during travel
  • Malaria endemic across South America, excluding Chile and Uruguay
  • Dengue fever, Rabies, Hepatitis B


  • Medical services: Hospitals often require confirmation of medical insurance or upfront payment prior to providing any services, including emergency care
  • Weather check: Storms, flashflooding and landslides are common in Southern Brazil in the wet season December – March
  • Water borne diseases: Schistosomiasis is a risk, so avoid swimming in fresh water lakes and rivers
  • Altitude sickness: Many trips may involve mountain climbing
  • Use experienced guides: Getting lost or injured while trekking is a hazard
  • Wear appropriate clothing: Protect yourself from sun, cold, mosquitoes and plant irritation
  • Water: Bottled, boiled or chemically treated
  • Food: Peel it, boil it, cook it or forget it

Be aware of

  • Very high HIV/AIDS rates. Always practice safe sex
  • Unregistered taxis: Look for photo ID displayed
  • Don’t assume drivers will stop at red lights
  • High rates of crime: Be street smart