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The second largest population in the world, and home to 1599 different languages, you could explore this place for the rest of your life and find something new every day. You don’t want to find yourself locked to your bathroom with Delhi Belly however, so check the tabs below for useful information and make a booking with your doctor at GSH to receive customised advice specific for your trip.

Infectious diseases present include

  • Typhoid, most cases in Australia are from returning travellers from the Indian subcontinent
  • Malaria is prevalent throughout India including Bombay and Delhi
  • Japanese Encephalitis, Vaccination is recommended if visiting rural areas, or staying >1month
  • Rabies, Found in dogs, bats and other mammals
  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus


  • Monsoon season The risk of Malaria and other mosquito borne disease can increase during May-October with high temperatures, heavy rains and flooding
  • Hand sanitiser: A pocket germ killer
  • Medication kit: Anti-diarrhoeal is highly recommended
  • Toilet paper: Often sparse, best to carry your own supply
  • Culture shock: Be prepared for different practices, attitudes and poverty

Be aware of

  • Traffic accidents. Exercise extreme caution
  • Public transportation. Inevitably delayed, pack food and water
  • Street peddlers: Be aware of your surroundings
  • Weather check: Flash floods can cause dangerous environmental conditions
  • Homosexuality: Has been recriminalized in parts of India – harsh penalties may apply